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Our experts from Gläser CleanTec will help you to optimise your installation and production processes in accordance with the Technical Cleanliness guidelines according to VDA 19 and ISO16232. Its operating area also extends from advise on component analyses in our accredited test laboratory's clean room all the way to self-produced extraction systems.

From Gläser CleanTec, you will obtain everything you need for Technical Cleanliness and profit from our many years of know-how as a service provider and system engineer. Technical Cleanliness represents a high quality feature for industry, particularly in the automotive sector. This is because dirt particles, also referred to as residual contamination, can in the long term lead to defects and system impairments on functionally-relevant components.

With the help of Gläser CleanTec, you will improve the cleanliness of your components and thus guarantee high customer satisfaction complying with individual customer requirements. Learn why Gläser CleanTec is your partner for Technical Cleanliness.

CleanTec News:

Professional consulting along your process chain

Are you repeatedly unable to comply with the customer's required limit values for a component?
Do you need to set cleanliness limits and don't know how to proceed?
Would you like to know how clean your processes are?

Our experts from Gläser CleanTec will find a solution to  solve your challenge in two steps:

Professional  consulting along your process chain
1. CleanTec Quick-Check:
At the beginning, we want to learn more about you and your challenges in a half-day workshop:
  • One of our TecSa experts visits you on site and gets first impressions of your production facility
  • In a joint workshop, we establish your current biggest challenges.
  • Following this, we will evaluate the results and provide you a detailed concept with individual solution proposals.
  • You choose your optimal procedure in consultation with our experts.
2. Customized consulting concept:
In the next step we will implement the individual consulting concept in your company together. The following points are possible options:
  • Comprehensive analysis of your processes using tested checklists.
  • Individual advice on your topics with optimization potential.
  • Successful establishment of Technical Cleanliness in your company with target group specific training.
  • Mastery of Technical Cleanliness from the construction to through assembly to logistics with the help of integrated potential analysis.
  • Support during the implementation of targeted measures in accordance with VDA 19.2

Your advantages:

  • You benefit from our long-term expertise.
  • You will meet your quality targets constantly.
  • Cost reduction through minimised complaints.
  • Satisfied customers.

Test laboratory for Technical Cleanliness, accredited worldwide

Gläser is a very well established company. With subsidiaries in the USA, China and Mexico, as well as numerous distributors, the family company based in Horb is well represented on the international stage. Regular training courses also guarantee that the same standard of quality is achieved all over the world.

Worldwide accredited test laboratories for technical cleanliness

Particle analyses in an accredited test laboratory

Over 90,000 analyses completed and over 5000 components tested are only a small part of the laboratory's 15 years of experience. The proprietary 200 m² Gläser CleanTec laboratory is equipped with an ISO Class 8 cleanroom and accredited to ISO 17025. The highly trained laboratory team of ten assistants works on self-produced extraction systems and with state of the art laboratory equipment according to the Technical Cleanliness guidelines.

Particle analyses in an accredited test laboratory

Extraction systems for inspection of Technical Cleanliness

As an experienced system engineer, Gläser constructs and manufactures latest extraction systems for the inspection of Technical Cleanliness according to VDA 19.1, ISO 16232 and internal specifications..

Extraction systems for inspection of Technical Cleanliness

We supply everything from tweezers to a turnkey laboratory

Are you still lacking the right equipment for your laboratory

Gläser CleanTec will supply you with membranes, tweezers, petri dishes, microscopes or complete extraction systems for Technical Cleanliness. Based on our work in our own accredited laboratory, we have already tested every laboratory accessory you might need and can give you top quality advise, saving you laborious research.

Or perhaps you are even planning to set up your own laboratory for Technical Cleanliness?

We have collected all products for laboratory needs, as well as other information on the subject of a laboratory for Technical Cleanliness in a laboratory catalogue just for you.
Ask for our current laboratory catalogue today. Our competent consultancy team is pleased to be available to you for further questions.

We supply everything from tweezers to a turnkey laboratory

Qualify your employees in Technical Cleanliness

Equip yourself for Technical Cleanliness and qualify your employees to deal responsibly with the challenges of your process chain. This is how previously unnecessary sources of error and the costs associated with are avoided. As a leading laboratory, we offer you a wide range of training courses, from the fundamentals of Technical Cleanliness to Assembly Cleanliness according VDA 19.1. We also hold training courses completely individually to your orders on your own premises or on ours.

With the trainers of the Gläser team, experienced experts are at your side, a source of an immense amount of experience and practice gained as participants in standardisation committees and many thousands of laboratory investigations. We offer ideal training conditions, based on the experience gained from working daily in our own accredited laboratory. With us, you´ll learn the theory from applied practice. We will be delighted to share our experience and to agree with you the individual required training courses. Contact us or take a look over our current training programme.
Qualify your employees in Technical Cleanliness